Dolores Daiquiri: Burlesque classes in Australia & ABF announcement

Dolores Daiquiri: Burlesque classes in Australia & ABF announcement 1Dolores Daiquiri: Burlesque classes in Australia & ABF announcement 2Dolores Daiquiri: Burlesque classes in Australia & ABF announcement 3Dolores Daiquiri: Burlesque classes in Australia & ABF announcement 4

Mondays and Wednesdays – Enrol now!!

New term commences 25 May

Brand new choreography and tech classes by Dolores Daiquiri 

1. Burlesque Essentials – Mondays 12pm – Tech 
This technique course is for anyone who wants to develop and finesse their stage skills to become a more exciting and experienced burlesque performer. Each week students will work on intention, ability and creating presence on stage. Learn how to capture the moment, become more aware of your audience and space. Push yourself even further to build on the skills you have whilst developing new ones. Do you want to ‘shine on stage? If so this is the course for you.

1. Balance and posture development, give good face!
2. Simple core strength tips and tricks for burlesque movement 
3. Learn how to strut and walk with confidence. Use of arms, legs and hands. Pose with confidence.
4. Develop new skills and technique for stage. Go that extra mile!
5. Striptease fundamentals – how to peel, conceal and reveal with that extra zing!
6. Re-cap and overview of the course

2. Big Bad Boa – Mondays 545pm – Tech
Have you ever wanted to learn how to use a feather boa in a burlesque routine. Then this is the class for you. Open to all levels and experience. 

Dolores Daiquiri will teach you the fundamentals of incorporating a boa into choreography. You will learn a number of sassy moves so you can do more than just hold the boa.

The workshop will consist of the fundamentals of holding a boa, manipulating a boa and performing with a boa to create a fun sizzling number. All students will incorporate the boa into this brand new six week course. The course will be broken down into easy sessions for learning. A new song will be used each week to keep it exciting and for maximum learning.

1. Basics of manipulating and holding a boa
2. How to throw, catch, flick and walk with a boa
3. Learn some fun tricks and tips on using a boa for stage 
4. Floor work with a boa
5. Creating shapes with a boa
6. Re-cap and overview of the course
** Each week you will build on the use of a boa and strut away with some new skills and techniques**

3. Golden Age Burlesque – Wednesdays 700pm – Tech
This course is a more gentle class for those who are over 38 or have minor injuries that require a more subtle approach to movement. Each week you will learn some new skills and techniques that takes into consideration age, hormonal changes, minor aches and pains/injuries and so forth. It is a low impact course that considers each students needs as they learn burlesque fundamentals. 
Please make sure that if you have injuries you are medically cleared to join this course. 

1. Gentle stretch warm up each week focusing on back, arms, hands, legs, feet, head and butt
2. Work on core strength for burlesque movement
3. Posture and balance development
4. Skills and technique for your body type and age
5. Striptease for anyone!!
6. Re-cap and overview of the course

4. Burlesque Vixens – Wednesdays 815pm – Choreo
Join Dolores Daiquiri for an all levels burlesque course that focuses on the finer points of a more traditional style of movement! Taking influence from iconic burlesque starlets who developed unique and exciting styles of ‘tease’ from the 1900s to the 1960s! In this 6 week course you will:- learn traditional ‘bump n grind’  & burlesque striptease with sassy gesturing, peeling, revealing, butt & hip shaking- improve your confidence & self esteem- learn to move like the original burlesque dancers of the ‘heyday’- this class may include floor-work, comedy elements, sultry burlesque and/or stylised dance moves with modern or retro music with a vintage flairBurlesque Vixens is open to women with some basic dance or burlesque experience.Enrol here soon: 



We are in pre-production and cannot wait to let you all know what we have in store for 2020.

ABF is working closely with the venues, our team and artists to bring you a new and exciting festival.

Details coming soon regarding changes to the events to come into line with Covid-19 restrictions.

We are doing everything we can to make patrons, artists and staff safe.

Watch this space.

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