10 Best USA Burlesque Shows 1

10 Best USA Burlesque Shows

Burlesque impresario, Chaz Royal, names the 10 Best Burlesque USA shows. Here they are:

Burlesque USA: Lucha VaVOOM! Photo by Don Spiro.
Lucha VaVOOM Buxotic and Luchador! Photo by Don Spiro.

1- Lucha Va Voom *Los Angeles

Lucha VaVOOM is a non-stop, action-packed scream-a-thon, where Mexican Masked wrestlers flip and fly, performing breathtaking acrobatic feats while battling evil luchadores. In-between matches, the finest, handpicked burlesque acts from around the world astound; at Lucha VaVOOM, we like a little sexo with our violencia. Raucous aerial acts, Pogo-stick peelers, hula-hoop hotties; this Burlesque USA show has got it all! See HERE

Bustout Burlesque USA
Bustout Burlesque with band. Photo by Darrell Miller

2- Bustout Burlesque *New Orleans

Bustout Burlesque is an authentic 1950s-style burlesque show, recreating the glamorous nightclub entertainment found on Bourbon Street decades ago. It brings back sexy, glamorous, and risque New Orleans-style entertainment with elegance, flair, and wit. Glamorous girls, a comic emcee, a sexy songstress, along with mood lighting, props, and a live jazz band, makes this an unforgettable and unique New Orleans experience. A traditional New Orleans jazz band backs the performers, electrifying and energizing the dancers and audience alike. The show is a feast of sights and sounds bound to thrill and enthrall men and women, young and old. See HERE

Host Jim Sweeney with cast, Photo by Neil Motteram
Hubba Hubba Revue’s Jim Sweeney, Alexa Von Kickinface, Gorilla X. Photo by Neil Motteram

3- Hubba Hubba Revue *San Francisco

A mix of irreverent comedy, classic striptease, circus and variety acts, the Hubba Hubba Burlesque USA Revue is a fast-paced explosion of entertainment! Every Hubba Hubba event is a spectacle you won’t soon forget! Hubba Hubba Revue is the creation of several veterans of Bay Area nightlife, and offers a unique and highly entertaining alternative to the usual bar and nightclub scene. See HERE

Peek-A-Boo Revue with band. ChrisKPhotography
Peek-A-Boo Revue with band. ChrisKPhotography

4- The Peek-A-Boo Revue *Philadelphia

The group has changed from a Wednesday night talent showcase into a tight-knit cast of men and women capable of almost anything onstage. The group (dubbed as a ‘neo-burlesque’ troupe) has performed for a wide-range of audiences over the years, and been attached to many high-profile events, festivals and causes willing to attach the ‘edgy’ elements of burlesque. See HERE 

The Atomic Bombshells. Photo by Scott Foster.
The Atomic Bombshells. Photo by Scott Foster.

5- The Atomic Bombshells *Seattle

A wonderful representation of modern burlesque in Seattle, The Atomic Bombshells are a troupe armed with an astounding amount of talent. These phenomenal beauties pull out all the stops and pump out a show of sheer splendor where every inch of skin is cherished. See HERE

Cast of Vaudezilla. Photo by Jenna Braunstein.
Cast of Vaudezilla. Photo by Jenna Braunstein.

6- Burlesque USA: Vaudezilla *Chicago

Since 2008 Vaudeville have injected a consistent display of vitality and originality that plays a key role in Chicago’s visibility on the national burlesque map. With well over 500 shows produced since their inception, Vaudezilla’s creative output is unparalleled and has become synonymous with top-quality live entertainment. See HERE 

7- Viva Dallas Burlesque USA *Dallas

Viva Dallas Burlesque, the largest Burlesque show in Texas, is a twice monthly burlesque showcase that  features aerial performances, magicians, bellydancing and of course- the best in burlesque! A fun atmosphere with amazing performers in one of the most fabulous venues in Dallas! See HERE 

The Viva Dallas Burlesque USA Showgirls. Photo by Dallas PinUp.
The Viva Dallas Burlesque Showgirls. Photo by Dallas PinUp.

8- Sinferno Cabaret *Portland

One of Portland’s longest-running, most-celebrated showcases dedicated to the artful peel and extravagant exhibitionism held at Dante’s regularly on Sundays for over 15 years. Unmissable for a Burlesque USA show. See HERE 

An incarnation of Sinferno Cabaret. Photo by London Lunoux.
An incarnation of Sinferno Cabaret. Photo by London Lunoux.

9- Blast Off Burlesque *Atlanta

Founded in 2007, Atlanta’s Blast-Off Burlesque is a group of way-out performers, who revel in traditional vaudeville hyjinx, but bring it to the modern stage in a style that’s all it’s own. Known for quirky, smart, performance art-stylings and outrageous sci-fi and pop-culture themed acts, the group features nearly a dozen regular performers, and collaborates with some of the Southeast’s most diverse and interesting talents. See HERE

Blast-Off Burlesque USA. Photo by Ashley Burton.
Blast-Off Burlesque. Photo by Ashley Burton.
Photo by Trevor Whitaker
Photo by Trevor Whitaker

10- Hell on Heels Burlesque USA *San Diego

An authentic vintage style burlesque USA troupe with equal part shimmy shakes, bumps & grinds, feather fan dances, tassel twirling, songstresses, and ballerinas all garnished by a splash of humour. Their styles are traditional and pay homage to the 1920-1950′s era, and with a line-up of well seasoned and experienced performers consisting of amazing and talented women who live and breathe the true meaning of vintage era burlesque. See HERE

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