Hearsay blights New Orleans Burlesque festival

Here’s New Orleans burlesque producer, Rick Delaup, with a statement against racist allegations.

A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth can get its corset laced. an adage that has been evolving for more than 300 years

Burlesque festivals all over the world bring people together to have fun, to perform for appreciate audiences, network with each other, meet people from everywhere, and to celebrate burlesque of all kinds. The ongoing attacks against me and other festival producers are needlessly dividing the burlesque community for the benefit of only a few people. The cyber-bullying and falsehoods that are being spread are not based on truth and no proof has been brought forward. Those artists who actually worked with me and have made allegations should bring them forward themselves instead of having others air their complaints.  

No one owns or is CEO of burlesque. No one style of burlesque defines all of burlesque. 

We need to deal in facts and proof, not repetitions of what someone alleges second-hand on Facebook. There have been false claims of racism against me. The NOBF has always been inclusive of people of color. Six of the eleven titleholders are people of color. Some people are jumping on the bandwagon and making things up and throwing out malevolent and false statements. It is clear that these attacks are made solely for personal gain.

Let us move forward into the future with a sense of unity and purpose and honor burlesque in its truest meaning from the Italian burlaβ€”β€œto joke, have fun, mock.”

You can read more about the New Orleans Burlesque Festival winners in this article from CBC News, here. If you’d like to add or respond to anything in the above article, please get in touch with us or comment at the bottom of this article.

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