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Ula Vamps creates new burlesque song to celebrate World Burlesque Day on April 26

Ula Vamps, a Boise area Burlesque cabaret singer will be writing and then performing a burlesque song live on Facebook in honor of World Burlesque Day. Since Ula came into being last year, she has graced the virtual stage for The Glam Vamps Burlesque (NY), Shenanigans Cabaret (UK)(Coming up on April 30) and the international performance site The Velvet Revue. Zealously she has oozed her sultry brand of schlock at a selection of premiere lounge venues in her local Boise area. She is excited to bring joy and a little naughtiness to more people everywhere.

World Burlesque Day on April 26 is a relatively new international awareness day. Starting in 2020, it became World Burlesque Day in honor of the famous burlesque performer Gypsy Rose Lee to commemorate 50 years since her passing. It was created by internationally known performer Sapphira Saph to celebrate collaboration, unity and spread the word about the fabulous and sometimes healing art of tease.

Ula Vamps is the alter ego of middle-aged mom of two Audra Richardson. Last year when lockdown began she lost her job and decided to re-visit her childhood dream of being a cabaret singer. Now Ula Vamps spreads a message of silliness, fun and body positivity during a time that is filled with so much negative news.

Singing and creating songs helped me to get over the debilitating anxiety that I was suffering from and it has become my mission to spread positivity through my quirky music and character.” says Ula.

Some of Ula’s songs are heavy on the double entendre and include, “Can you tame my kitty kat?“, “Everybody’s a showgirl” and “Wiggle Jiggle.”  Her idols include Doris Day, Amy Winehouse, Carol Burnett and Dolly Parton. She adores sparkly things, big hair, tiki, pinup and swinging cocktail parties.

So grab your feather boa, glass of wine or even fuzziest bathrobe and enjoy a free taste of Ula’s retro song style and celebrate World Burlesque Day from the comfort of your own home.

Date – Monday 26 April  6pm MDT

Location – www.facebook.com/ulavamps

Price – Free

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