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Burlesque Performer Profile: Ferri Maya

You won’t meet too many burlesque performers like Australia’s Ferri Maya. Burlesque Magazine interviewed her to find out who she is and what she’s up to…

What is your burlesque name?
Ferri Maya.

What inspired your burlesque name?
Ferri is my name, and Maya means super natural power, dream and love. Which I thought was quite fitting.

What first got you interested in burlesque?
The art of tease. I’ve been a dancer all my life, and I fell in love with the freedom of creativity, movement and costume.

What type/style of burlesque do you perform and why?
I perform mainly to rock, metal and blues. I guess it’s because that’s who I am as a person. I enjoy those genres of music outside of burlesque and the styles really inspire me. 

Ferri Maya by @shannonjshaw.

Where are you from and where do you live now?
I live in Naarm and on Gardigal land. I have chosen to live in both places as both support my work. 

Who are Ferri Maya’s inspirations and influences?
I have so many performers, people and art that inspire me. I can’t list them as they always change and the list grows. It depends on the act I’m creating to what or who inspires me. 

Describe your look
I guess I look like a brats doll. Hahahaha. I’m not sure… maybe a little gothic. 

Describe the biggest performance(s) you’ve done
I’ve performed to so many amazing crowds all around this amazing world. But… America will always be one of the biggest audiences I’ve performed too.

What’s the worst and/or funniest thing that’s happened to Ferri Maya when performing?
My music didn’t play at a gig… we had a short break to try sort it out and nothing helped nor was there anyway of playing it out of other devices. I had to get up and perform to Pony by Ginuwine, in a stunning 1920’s inspired costume. 

Who do you like working with most and why?
All my fellow artists. 

How often do you perform?
I perform anywhere from three times a week and above.

Ferri Maya by @jenkins_d.

Where can people usually see Ferri Maya perform?
Keep an eye on my profile and bio. I perform all over Australia.

Any upcoming burlesque tour plans?
I’m off to America to perform. I can’t wait.

What other things do you do in the burlesque industry besides performing?
I teach, hold workshops, mentor and produce.

What are you available for and how should people contact you?
I’m good with email or Instagram messaging. I will get a website up and running soon.

Is burlesque your full-time gig, or do you have a ‘day job’?
It is my full-time gig, but I do teach in the education sector during the day.

How can the burlesque community support you, your brand and your business?
Following, sharing, supporting and booking.

What do you love about burlesque?
The freedom to explore and the long life friendships I’ve made and will make. I also love meeting the audience, networking and teaching. There’s so much to love about burlesque and our welcoming community. 

Do you compete and have you won any titles?
I have competed. I am the current Miss Burlesque Melbourne title holder. Miss Burlesque Australia’s Most Innovative, New York Golden Pastie Winner and Top Three Burlesque Performer, Professional Division in the World Burlesque Games.

I do like comps, I love the motivation it gives me and I love creating and meeting new people. If the opportunity comes again, and I’m in the right space, I’d compete again. 

Best was to find me
… is through Instagram: @FerriMaya_Burlyrock

ferri maya burlesque profile
Ferri Maya by @moloneygeorgia.

Thank you Ferri Maya!

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