Ronicka Serpent Dancer by Brig Bee

Profile: Ronicka Serpent Dancer and Camilla Cream talk Le Grande Cabaret

Ronicka Serpent Dancer and Camilla Cream talk about their inspirations and their new cabaret night, Le Grande Cabaret! If you’re an artist (performer, photographer, whatever) and want to appear in our profile, get in touch! (Photos by Brig Bee Photo)

Coming from a Romanian and Middle Eastern background, I have always been encapsulated by the seductive mystique of belly dance and snake charming. I will always remember as a child when I first experienced these two art forms combined at a Bazaar in Cairo. I was awestruck by the eroticism and the way the performer and serpent moved in tandem; two souls combining to create something magical and unique. It was from this moment that the seeds of my dream to pursue this art form took hold and I have never looked back.

Ronicka Serpent Dancer by Brig Bee

Ronicka Serpent Dancer by Brig Bee.

I met Snakey five years ago and we instantly fell in love, he has an amazing temperament and is never phased by his surroundings, He loves the company of humans and is always inquisitive, seeking to learn more through touch. Born to a Turkish family, he has grown up around performing arts and together we have done shows almost every weekend – from ballet and contemporary jazz, to Gypsy, and Egyptian belly dance.  I am especially excited when these more-traditional styles are fused with electronic music and this is something I have always sought to embrace. When I’m on stage, what drives me is the desire to inspire others to follow their dreams.

I have worked with Camilla Cream for over two years and we have become the best of friends. On stage our performance styles strike the perfect contrast between light and dark and coming from very different backgrounds we have inspired each other to embrace new styles of performance. Camilla is teaching me the art of tease and, coupled with my skills in Eastern European folk dancing, we are creating cheeky Gypsy Burlesque routines. We perform as solo artists and more recently as a duo, merging our two performance strengths together.

Ronicka Serpent Dancer and Camilla Cream by Brig Bee Photo

Ronicka Serpent Dancer and Camilla Cream by Brig Bee Photo.

Camilla Cream was born of the same shell as Botticelli’s Venus and is more bananas than Josephine Baker! She began performing burlesque in Melbourne around 3 years ago. She loved to dance and studied ballet, jazz and tap, but became entranced by the freedom, sexuality and creativity of burlesque.

She has her own World Record: ‘The Most Fans Used Simultaneously in a Burlesque Performance’ and has performed around Australia including the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Big Bang Burlesque (Sunshine Coast). One half of Cherries and Cream Productions and one half of Platinum Honey, Camilla keeps herself busy by entertaining the public and supporting her fellow professionals. Her dance abilities, along with her sugary sweet voice and charming character, make Camilla Cream a performer on the rise!

It was this contrast of different styles that inspired the concept of her debut burlesque production, Le Grande Cabaret, opening in early 2017. Camilla wanted to provide a fresh avenue to showcase all facets of burlesque giving more opportunities to both burlesque and boylesque performers to hone their craft and explore different sides of their on-stage persona. Ultimately, Le Grande Cabaret would love to include guest performers each show to strengthen ties across the Australian burlesque industry and possibly take the show on tour.

Le Grande Cabaret: Ronicka Serpent Dancer and Camilla Cream by Brig Bee Photo

Le Grande Cabaret: Ronicka Serpent Dancer and Camilla Cream by Brig Bee Photo.


See Ronicka perform with Snakey at Speakeasy HQ

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