The Mess Mistress launches Bass & Burlesque

The Mess Mistress has launched her a “Bass & Burlesque” project: a video
series of performances that will mix together her bass playing with
vintage burlesque choreographies.

The first video features a cover
of “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis…

YouTube video

In today’s overwhelming daily routine, it looks like everything has
already been done. There was just one thing left though, and The
Mess Mistress jumped right on it. What happens when you bring
together rock n’ roll and vintage burlesque? Can two worlds that
couldn’t look more different merge in one sole thing?

The answer is yes.

It’s All About That Bass…& Burlesque – a new way of performing rock music with a vintage twist.

The Mistress

Pick up an adrenaline-pumping song, learn it with your bass,
record it and then film a video. Then, build a choreography on the
song you chose, put on your best corset and record a video. Mix
the ingredients in a large bowl… et voilà you have a perfect “Bass &
Burlesque” signature dish.

With this project, The Mess Mistress says it’s OK to be an
empowered female who dares to challenge the limits that still
haunt the entertainment industry. It’s OK to play with our bodies
without feeling we are too much and we can promote feminist
ideals (like sexual freedom) while still being respectable

“Bass & Burlesque” debut video launched The Mess Mistress’ official Youtube Channel.

THE MESS MISTRESS Music, Travel and Lifestyle blog was founded in
2019 by Alba Nasoni, hard rock bass player, A&R for Volcano
Records & Promotion, marketing and communication specialist.

YouTube video


Great Idea! Sounds and looks great!

Millard Fillmore – Fender Precision Bass Lovers

I checked it out, I really dig the groove. I really dug the burlesque.
Awesome on both!

Lewis Bryant – Fender Precision Bass Lovers

Was actually watching you on Youtube the other day. Love it.

Lisa Winchester – Burlesque UK Group

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