World Burlesque Games Winners - Where are they now? Part 3 1

World Burlesque Games Winners – Where are they now? Part 3


For the third instalment of our World Burlesque Games recap we sit down with the 2014 Twisted Crown Holder, the vaudeville freak show diva, The Vivid Angel!

The Vivid Angel, Amsterdam *Twisted Crown Holder 2014*

15052076_312326882487232_1498179737_o-How did you get involved in the burlesque industry and what does burlesque mean to you?

I found my way into the burlesque world about 8 or 9 years ago, I had been performing for many years before this but that was more performance art. I had the opportunity to work along side Dita von Teese and I loved her vintage take on striptease and I found my self researching icon’s of the glory day’s. I was then asked to come up with a burlesque routine and this was to become my Chicago baby show that I still perform today. What it means to me is a place where women and men, can celebrate their talents and their bodies. I love to see performers of all shapes and sizes and I hope that the audience feel inspired by this and feel that they are beautiful too because they can relate to that performers body type.

-What led you to apply for the World Burlesque Games?

There where a few people who said I should and convinced me to apply, I normally don’t like competition at all, but the show I wanted to perform was Super Pussy, a show which was inspired by two very important people in my life. One was Crazy White Sean, a freakshow artist and dear friend I had known for many years and Dave Brockie of the band Gwar. They had both passed away that year and I wanted to do it for them, as a thank you to the both of them, whether I won or not.


Image London Burlesque Festival

-Tell us about your experience as a competitor.

It was a great line up for the Twisted Crown, many of my favourite performers where on the bill that night, Diva Hollywood, Lou Safire and Little Madam. They are also friend’s of mine, so it felt a little weird at first to go against each other, but as soon we got ready, it was just like we where doing any other show and all tensions fell away. We just got ready to put on an amazing and fun show.


Image London Burlesque Festival

-What did it mean to you to win a WBG title?
As I said before, I did not expect it at all! But it was a wonderful moment to hear my name being called and then seeing the crowed confirming it with cheering and clapping. For me the crown means a different thing, that my Supper Pussy is a big hit, that I am a great performer and a tribute to my friends who are on the other side. I was once called a queen before by Bizarre Magazine and now I have the crown to complete the look! 


Image London Burlesque Festival


-What have you been up to since your win at WBG?

I have been back as a headliner for London Burlesque Festival and have worked with a lot of other burlesque events in the UK and Europe that I hadn’t had the chance to work with before. I featured as a cover girl for Et Alors? magazine and was featured in two books, one was a book of performers and the other is Night Flower by Damien Frost. I am a jack of all trades and love playing in all fields, I’m planning on writing about about my wonderful and interesting life as an artist so I’m also busy breaking new ground!

The 5th Annual World Burlesque Games 2016, 9th & 10th December.

Presented by the London Burlesque Festival

Words by Betty Rose Royal

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