Boom Boom Room Burlesque

Introducing: The Boom Boom Bombshells

We just wanted to introduce our burlesque club and burlesque group out of St. Louis, Missouri, USA. We are a full time burlesque only club and dinner theater, called, The Boom Boom Room, that performs five shows a week. Our in house troupe is called, The Boom Boom Bombshells. Me and my husband are a mixed-race couple and we own, and produce it all. We have been doing this for seven years to about 10,000 people per year.

Seven years ago, when we started, we found that performers in our area wanted to compete with each other using slander on social media instead of talent on the stage. So we with drew from “the community” and put our efforts in finding raw talent; creating burlesque performers from scratch, and creating a show that is entertaining to the average person. So seven years later we have a huge audience. But no one invites us to to festivals, yet we are performing to thousands each year. So I decided to reach out “to the community” and introduce ourselves. We do burlesque. And we do it well. In our silly, little, mid-west town.

We do not do create burlesque shows for burlesque performers, we create shows for real people who want an entertainment experience on a weekend night or even our Sunday brunch show. The difference between a show is that it features brilliant jazz guitarists in a small room (or guitar players in the audience) as opposed to a Britney Spears concert. Because of this idea, we are now looking to expand to other cities: Las Vegas, New York etc. We are now in a position to “take a chance” and introduce ourselves to other burlesque professionals.

We are here. We love Burlesque. We do it well. As well as we can with our mid-west budget. We want the world to know that we are not afraid. We love what we do and our customers and fans do too.

If our group has any interest to you, feel free to contact me. I am Boom Boom LeCoeur. A black female business owner with my white husband, helping to spread our message, that everybody is beautiful. Love and tolerance to the world!

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