Amy Wilks crystalist

Amy Wilks re-launches luxury burlesque & cabaret costume brand

Amy Wilks has relaunched her shop at www.chrystalist.com and it’s been restocked with 25+ made-to-measure ‘foundation’ dance garments. Amy’s brand mission is to produce and sell beautifully designed, flawlessly hand-made professional performance wear with a strong focus on sustainability. Her pieces are made to last, not to be worn-out and discarded. Amy also offers an embellishment service for all of her foundation pieces using, “Only the most luxurious crystals, beads and sequins that the market has to offer.”

Check it out now at www.chrystalist.com!

Amy Wilks re-launches her luxury costume design brand
Tease, Peel, Reveal.

Amy Wilks and Chrystalist Costume Design background:

Amy was born in Halesworth, Suffolk, UK although her family moved around many times over her formative years. Back in Halesworth as a young mum in 2004 at the age of 21 Amy dedicated her life to parenthood and working 9-5 in whichever job would pay the bills. In her mid 30’s she decided that she wanted to make a new life for herself and her daughter and started Chrystalist Costume Design. Amy’s first products were glitter nipple covers and inexpensive shoes which she would cover in plastic rhinestones. The Chrystalist  brand has been growing for over 3 years now and Amy is ready to step into the role of UK’s top cabaret and burlesque costume designer. 

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