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The Top 10 Best Burlesque Performers on Onlyfans

With the global lockdown happening, many Burlesque performers are publishing private pics and vids to Onlyfans in order to express themselves and perform. Please support them as much as possible. Just note that the thin, grey, line that defines traditional, stage-based Burlesque nudity, does not exist on Onlyfans. You might will see a lot more than you usually do.

What is Onlyfans?

Onlyfans is a subscription site where you get private access to content posted by performers. Some is free. Some is paid for. While many performers on there regularly publish a steady-stream of content, many also offer additional, super-premium content for tips and additional payments. In most cases you can communicate directly with performers.

1. Masuimi Max

Masuimi Max is one of the best Burlesque ladies on Only Fans

Sin City’s Neo Burlesque performer, Masuimi Max charges $7 per month and is a regular publisher of pics and vids with high production values. There are a great many super-premium options for particularly raunchy content too.

2. Roxi DLite

Our former Burlesque Magazine cover star, Roxi DLite is an old hand at Onlyfans. Production values are very high quality and, while subscriptions are pricey at $11.99 there’s a great deal of content. There’s also the opportunity to watch her team up with hubby in her super-premium option.

3. BlackHeart Burlesque – Suicide Girls

Blackheart Burlesque’s alternative ‘suicide girls’ Onlyfans is free to follow and provides a whole host (and wide variety) of alternative model content from a whole troupe of artists.

4. Memphis Mae

Photo by Leslie Liu

Mae flat-out said that she didn’t think enough people were seeing enough of her. Well not any more. In many ways Memphis Mae’s Onlyfans account is one of the most alluring accounts to follow, as Mae is finding her way with the site. Get in early for $8.

5. Alyssa Kitt

Fancy something a little more sultry, seductive and different? Check out Alyssa Kitt’s Onlyfans for $15 per month and watch as she… gets in touch with herself and reads some Bed Time Stories.

6. Ellie Mouse

St Petersberg’s Russian starlet, Ellie Mouse is making use of Onlyfans during lockdown by posting a ravishing collection of glamorous, fetish-friendly and fabulous pictures. Subscribe for $10 per month.

7. Kate Maxx

Canadian Kate Maxx‘s Onlyfans page has a huge variety of images on it. For $9 per month you get to see all kinds of poses and videos, plus… she’s in the habit of answering all her messages very quickly!

8. Strawberry Siren


Long-time friend of Burlesque mag, The Strawberry Siren is now also on Onlyfans. For just $4.99 per month you’ll get glimpses of her glamorous back catalogue plus plenty of provocative pole performances.

9. Michelle L’Amour

Michelle L’Amour has been doing Only Fans for some time. The international burlesque showgirl, known as ‘The Most Naked Woman’ posts videos of her acts that are free to watch plus videos and photos that can’t be shown on social media, or even Patreon. It’s free to subscribe!

10. Heather Le Feather

Heather Le Feather is a producer, director, choreographer, dancer, actress, model and covergirl who loves to eat!
She lives in in Las Vegas and says of her onlyfans page, “Experience Vegas LIVE with me. DM your favorite hotel on the strip and I’ll take you with me for LIVE exclusive content!” Standard subscription price is $8 per month.

Get in touch if you’re a Burlesque performer and would like to feature on this page!

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