Burlesque Profile Evana De Lune

Evana De Lune: Burlesque Performer Profile

Evana De Lune is a hard-working Burlesque chameleon who can pop-up and perform at any type of event – from fun, family functions to fetish-first, flesh-fests. We asked this tall, striking Melburnian to tell us more about herself, her background, her inspirations, her current work and plans. Over to you, Miss Moon…

What is your burlesque name? Evana De Lune

Evana De Lune AJ CO Photography
Evana De Bergman? Audrey Heartburn? We couldn’t decide. Photo: AJ CO Photography.

What inspired your burlesque name? I chose my burlesque name, Evana De Lune, because I wanted something that was unique, catchy and reflected my personal interests. The night and the moon have always captivated me, so I went with De Lune to embody that magic and enchantment.

What first got you interested in burlesque? I’ve been dancing ever since I was a child and my mother always said I would be a performer one day because of my long legs and height. It wasn’t until my teenage years that I discovered burlesque and I was instantly captivated by the glamorous and confident performances of icons like Dita Von Teese. I started to delve deeper into the world of burlesque and eventually had the opportunity to attend a workshop, where I finally found my passion and knew this was what I wanted to pursue as a career.

Desiree does Evana De Lune
Next time a cop says, spread’em… you may be in luck. Photo: Desiree.

What style of burlesque do you perform and why? I perform a variety of burlesque styles to cater to different audiences and venues. My repertoire includes classic, slow-paced acts that focus on audience interaction and light humour, as well as more provocative acts that incorporate elements of fetish and kink. I love the versatility and diversity that burlesque allows and I enjoy being able to switch it up depending on the occasion. From performing in a cocktail bar one night to a sex party the next, I thrive on the thrill of the unknown and the challenge of adapting to each new performance space.

Evana De Lune Alexis D Lea Photography
We kept warning you gals about this fashion for finger swords – you’ll have your eye out, we said – but you never listen. Photo: Alexis D. Lea.

Where are you from and where do you live now? I am originally from Melbourne, Australia and I am proud to still call it my home. Melbourne has a vibrant and thriving burlesque community and I feel lucky to be a part of it. While I have a desire to travel and perform in the US and Europe, I am content with staying put in Melbourne for now. The city holds a special place in my heart and I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else.

Who are your inspirations and influences? As a burlesque performer, I have several inspirations that have influenced my craft. Dita Von Teese has been my idol since my teenage years and continues to inspire me with her elegance and classic style. Similarly, Bettie Page also inspires me with her captivating and daring persona. I also draw inspiration from legends such as Gypsy Rose Lee and Josephine Baker, whose impact on the industry continues to be felt today.

Evana De Lune Bettie Page
There aren’t many Burlesque rules, but one is surely that you’ve gotta go Bettie, at least once in your career.

In the modern burlesque scene, I am constantly in awe of performers like Medianoche, Frankie Fictitious, Bryona Ashly, Raquel Reed, Zelia Rose, Clea De Velours, Jessabelle Thunder and Miss Miranda. I am also fortunate enough to frequently collaborate with the talented legends of the Melbourne burlesque community like Gina Stirling and Miss Maple Rose. These performers continue to inspire and challenge me to grow as an artist.

Describe your look I would describe my look as classic with a touch of vampiric elegance. As a relatively tall individual with some Indonesian heritage mixed in, I often receive compliments on my unique appearance. My style is a combination of timeless elegance and a hint of the mysterious.

evana de lune look Electrum Photography
Timeless, vampyric, unusual, elegant, tall and strong, Siren eyes, capturesivates men, works at night… dislikes stakes, garlic and holy water too, probably. We’ve got your number, Miss Moon. Photo: Electrum Photography.

Describe the biggest performance you’ve done As a burlesque performer, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of some truly amazing shows. While I regularly perform for audiences of around 200 people, which always feels big but still intimate enough to engage with the crowd, my largest performance to date was as part of Queer Flings at The Capitol Theatre in Melbourne. The Capitol Theatre is a beautiful, historic 570-seat theatre built in 1924 and it was an incredible experience to perform there. Although, I must admit, I do prefer to be a bit closer to the audience and have more direct interaction with them.

What’s a funny thing that’s happened to you when performing? I’ve experienced a variety of unexpected and humorous incidents during my shows. From costume malfunctions to props and music not working properly, I’ve learned to always be ready for the unexpected and just go with the flow.

One of the funniest recent moments that comes to mind is when I was performing a roving act at a New Year’s Eve party and a visibly drunk party-goer stumbled into my performance space. Instead of breaking character, I incorporated the intrusion into my act and continued to perform, much to the amusement of the audience. It’s all about thinking on your feet and keeping the show going no matter what!

Who do you like working with most and why? As a performer based in Melbourne, I am incredibly fortunate to work with some of the most talented individuals in the country. One of my favourite people to collaborate with is Gina Stirling. She is one of my best friends and we perform together frequently and even have fun little business catchups over mimosas. Gina is also one of the kindest individuals in the scene and goes above and beyond to uplift and encourage other performers. Her positivity and support make her an absolute joy to work with and the Melbourne scene wouldn’t be what it is without her input.

evana de lune take eye out Alexis D Lea Photography
Can one have too many, ‘She’ll take your eye out with those’ jokes? Photo: Alexis D. Lea Photography.

Another performer I love working with is Miss Maple Rose. She has been a huge help to me both personally and professionally and I am constantly inspired by her talent and dedication to the craft. Miss Maple Rose is, in my opinion, one of the best fan dancers in the world. And she is also an encyclopaedia of Burlesque Knowledge. To perform alongside her regularly and watch her captivate audiences with her grace and skill is truly a privilege. Overall, these two amazing performers make my experience in the burlesque scene all the more enjoyable and fulfilling.

How often do you perform? On average, I probably perform 2 to 3 times a week, I’ve heard from many people that I perform “too much.” But I try to ignore that and just focus on doing what I love. I tour around Australia and you can find me in a different city every weekend, performing at shows, running burlesque workshops, modelling for photography and life drawing events, and performing at private parties. It’s a busy schedule, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Burlesque is my passion and I love being able to share it with others.

Waif or waifu Alexis D-Lea Photography
Waif, waifu, pet or plumber? Porque no los cuatro? We’re not ones to kink-shame here. Photo: Alexis D. Lea Photography.

Where can people usually see you perform? I tend to perform at various locations and events, so the best way to stay updated with my performance schedule is to follow me on Instagram. You can also visit my website for a list of my upcoming performances and workshops.

Any upcoming burlesque tour plans? I have a lot of exciting burlesque tour plans in the works at the moment. I’m thrilled to announce that I will be heading to New Zealand this year for a series of shows and workshops. I’m looking forward to exploring the local burlesque scene and connecting with new audiences. Additionally, I’m also exploring the possibility of heading to Europe towards the end of the year. I’m always eager to expand my horizons and bring my unique brand of burlesque to new audiences. Stay tuned for more updates on my tour plans!

Alexis D. Lea Photography Evana ass backwards
Not many performers can pull off the ‘Ass-backwards look’ with such poise, elegance and grace as Evana De Lune. Photo: Alexis D. Lea Photography.

Do you compete and have you won any titles? I have competed in the past when I was just starting out in my burlesque career. I can understand the appeal of competing and the benefits it can bring, but I am fortunate enough to have very quickly built up a significant following and established myself as one of the leading burlesque performers in the country. At this point, I don’t feel the need to compete as I think I have more to gain from focusing on delivering the best performances I can for my fans and continuing to grow my own business.

Evana De Lune Electrum Photography
Evana De Lune doesn’t compete anymore. Not after her (in)famous win at the 2017 Melbourne Curry Festival. Photo: Electrum Photography.

What other things do you do in the burlesque industry besides performing? In addition to performing, I am also heavily involved in the burlesque industry in other ways. I am an instructor at Maison Burlesque in Melbourne, which is Australia’s leading burlesque school. While traveling across the country, I also run my own burlesque workshops, where I share my knowledge and experience with aspiring performers. I also offer private lessons and business mentoring to a select few individuals, providing them with personalized guidance and support. This year, I am excited to announce that I will be starting to produce my own show, which I plan to tour across the country and internationally.

evana de lune growl Alexis D Lea Photography
Alexis captured that rare industry moment: when you get angry that people are staring at you in your undies, before remembering that you’re a burlesque performer. Photo: Alexis D. Lea Photography.

I also strive to give back to the burlesque community whenever I can. One way I do this is through my monthly giveaways on Instagram. I am fortunate enough to be able to offer some amazing prizes to my fans and try to keep the giveaways burlesque themed as much as possible. So far, I’ve given away items such as Dita Von Teese lingerie, Catherine D’Lish gowns, makeup gift cards and much more. I believe that it’s important to support and uplift others in the industry, and I see these giveaways as a fun way to do just that.

Evana De Lune: Contact Details

Which social media accounts can people follow to keep up with you? All of them! I tend to be most active on Instagram/Facebook so that is the best way to keep truly up to date with what I’ve got going on. But I do use the other platforms quite regularly as well, so pick your poison:


wax and wayne evana de Lune Joel Devereux
Waxed Wayne, the Duality of Moon. Photo: Joel Devereux.

What are you available for and how should people contact you? I am available for burlesque shows and productions, photoshoots, life modelling, private dance lessons, business and branding opportunities, and just about anything else that aligns with my passions or contributes to helping others. To contact me, you can reach out via my website.

Is burlesque your full-time gig, or do you have a ‘day job’? Burlesque is my full-time job and has been for several years now. I am so incredibly grateful to have reached a point where it provides me with a really good quality of life. I am deeply appreciative of the support from my fans and the burlesque community, and I make it a priority to give back as much as I can.

Evana De Lune Zeeshawn Photography handful
These burlesque girls are quite a handful. Photo: Zeeshawn Photography.

How can the burlesque community support you, your brand and your business? The best way to support me and my brand is by attending my performances, participating in my workshops, and purchasing merchandise from my store. The support from both the burlesque community and general audience always amazes me and it’s a true testament to how much people want to see each other succeed.

What do you love about burlesque? As a full-time burlesque performer, I absolutely love the freedom that comes with this art form, both on stage and off. It’s an amazing feeling to be my own boss and set my own schedule. I love the fact that I can travel anywhere in the country and perform my own unique brand of burlesque. This type of flexibility allows me to truly express myself and showcase my creativity in a way that I couldn’t do in a traditional 9-5 job.

Electrum Photography burlesque self defence
One of Evana De Lune’s lesser-known workshops involves Burlesque Self-Defence. This move is called, ‘My Eyes Are Up Here.’ Photo: Electrum Photography.

I also love the support and interaction I have with my fans. The appreciation and encouragement from my audience is a huge part of what makes performing so enjoyable for me. The connection I form with my fans through burlesque is truly special and something that I hold close to my heart. Whether I am performing in a large venue or in a smaller, more intimate setting, the energy and support from my fans drives me to continue doing what I love. Overall, the combination of freedom, self-expression, and the interactions I have with my fans make burlesque a huge passion of mine.

What do you hate about burlesque? To be honest, I don’t have any strong hates towards burlesque. It’s a passion of mine and I love almost everything about it. However, I do think there is always room for improvement in any industry.

YouTube video
New Kid on the Block? We suspect Evana De Lune has been around the houses a bit, on this evidence.

I sometimes see established performers “punching down” instead of helping to uplift and mentor new talent. This behaviour can be extremely damaging to someone’s hopes and dreams and can stop them from pursuing their passions. That’s why it’s so important to create a supportive and encouraging environment, where everyone can shine.

And by supporting each other, we can help create a vibrant and diverse community that is truly inclusive. The more we encourage and support each other, the more we can push the boundaries of what is possible in burlesque and help it to continue to grow and evolve.

hot or cold Electrum Photography
When you can’t decide if it’s getting cold in a room, or it’s heating up. Mic drop, Evana De Lune is out (at least we think that’s a mic). Photo: Electrum Photography.

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