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We are coming back!

Well hello everyone,

It’s been a long time. But Burlesque Magazine is coming back!

Our initial rise was meteoric – from concept to world-leading Burlesque title in just six weeks. We even bucked the financial crisis. But as many of you know all too well, Burlesque is a labour of love and, well, our team either had bills to pay, moved somewhere else round the world, got married and/or had babies.

But now we have a new team. We have plenty of openings for contributors – whether it’s writing, videos or photography. We’re even planning Virtual Reality burlesque performances.

In the near future we’ll also be operating a new micropayment system which will allow contributors to be paid! I know right!?!

In the meantime, we’re tweaking and building the site – you may see a few confusing, broken or misleading links.

But soon we’ll be back to offering the most-inclusive place of all for the whole Burlesque world – we keep out of rivalries here and see no point in cut-throat competition. We want to build the industry for everyone!

If you believe in that, get in touch with our editor. You’ll have to guess the email address but it’s not very difficult: here’s a clue: editor at.

We’ll publish anything Burlesque related. We want this to be a community site so it is what you make it.

Best wishes

The Publisher



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