World Burlesque Games Winners - Where are they now? Part 2 1

World Burlesque Games Winners – Where are they now? Part 2

In the second part of our World Burlesque Games recap we chat with International Newcomer Crown Holder 2015, Uma Shadow from Japan. 

Uma Shadow, Japan *International Newcomer Crown Holder 2015*


Image by Shin Matsui

-How did you get involved in the burlesque industry and what does burlesque mean to you?

I learned everything I know about burlesque and neo-burlesque from “HIBARI,” she is the leading expert of burlesque in Japan and has greatly contributed to the growing industry there. At the time she was producing the only burlesque event in Japan, I learned about the medium there and my interest led me to do further research of my own. Burlesque for me represents freedom of expression.

-What led you to apply for the World Burlesque Games?

I was very interested in the work of  WBG producer Mr Chaz Royal, for me World Burlesque Games is the most cutting edge event in the world. I love Europe and I wanted to know how my style of boylesque would be received there so I decided to apply for the biggest event in Europe to find out!



Image by eyesolar


Image by eyesolar



-Tell us about your experience as a competitor.

It was a very good experience.

-What did it mean to you to win a WBG title?

Competing in WBG was a chance to develop the burlesque scene in Japan where I am from so this title has huge meaning to me.

-What have you been up to since your win at WBG?

Since I won the International Newcomer Crown so many people have gotten in touch with me and I have had so much interest in my performances.

Uma is one of the industries most in demand boylesque newcomers world wide, since his WBG win he has gone on to perform in Amsterdam, Berlin, Canada and across the USA.

The 5th Annual World Burlesque Games 2016, 9th & 10th December.

Presented by the London Burlesque Festival

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