house arrest burlesque event

House Arrest: Locked up and locked in Online burlesque show

Australia’s Burlesque Stars are locked down once again. But they’re putting on an performance… online! Memphis Mae presents, HOUSE ARREST: Locked up and locked in.

This is the cabaret sitcom you never knew you needed. Memphis Mae hosts a wild group of misfits under one roof where the doors to the outside are locked and the wine is poured from a box.

House Arrest: Locked up and locked in.

Under house arrest anything is possible; love, heartbreak, spilled wine, fire, broken bras, technical issues and unemployment. Featuring some of your favourite artists, Kelly Ann, Andrew Hawken, Michael Howard Wheatley, Sugar Du Joure, Mac Galleon, Billie Burnout, Porcelain Alice & Mr Gorski.

House Arrest burlesque
Locked down and Locked in deets.

Come see this band of unruly misfits as they tear up the slut hut and prove that no one ever really grows up.

Tickets: AUD $25 – on-sale from the time of performance
Time: 14 July 7pm AEDT (9am BST, 3am Central – Americans might want to watch the re-run!)
Show: www.memphismae.com

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