jackyl pharaohs daughter

Jackyl – The Pharaoh’s Only Daughter

After falling from star constellation, the Canis Major, Jackyl is Egyptian Gypsy royalty and the Pharaoh’s only Daughter.

The Jackyl has been dancing since she was able to walk. Trained in the dances of her ancestors by her great grandmother around camp fires as a child she was taken to a gypsy cavern as a right of passage by her mother when she was 13 where she was taught the ways of belly dancing.

Lifetimes passed, times changed & belly dancing had evolved into so much more since The Jackyl was a teenager! Now, performing at Australia’s leading Burlesque venue, Speakeasy HQ, The Jackyl takes audiences on regular journeys through tribal fusion burlesque inspired by the snake and the river crane. And yet, to reveal more would take seeing to believe – but as the last garments hit the floor, Jackyl, the Pharaoh’s Only Daughter leaves all enraptured with applause.

Find Jackyl the Pharoah’s Daughter at Melbourne‘s Speakeasy HQ – when all this virus crap lifts.

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